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Hey! Jogging is easy!
A book to get you going:
A gentle step-by-step approach
Winni Muehlbauer

"This fresh, lively, and always entertaining book is more than a guide
to jogging. It is an act of gentle persuasion to a healthy lifestyle.
We cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone who wants
to escape the clutches of laziness and dosomething for his
or her physical fitness."


"Here I am, smack in the middle of your snug corner. I'm afraid you're
not getting rid of me too quickly either. In fact, we're keeping each
other company for the next six months. Every now and again we'll go
jogging together. Since an awful lot of people give up in frustration at
the very outset, I'm going to concentrate on what it takes to get started.
In no time at all you're going to like running. You'll want to run often,
I promise you. And soon you'll be enjoying benefits that have made
hundreds of thousands of joggers delightfully happy. If, on the other
hand, you're not going to be won over by the prospect of feeling much
better physically, mentally more relaxed or quite a bit more self-
confident, and if you're of the opinion that anyone who makes such
propositions is more of a nuisance than a help, kindly place me back
on the shelf."
Winni Muehlbauer